My Tatas Matter #NationalWomensMonth

Hey Hey Believers Hey Hey,

Have you ever had people hit you with “Girl, you’re doing too much!” or “It doesn’t take all that!” or “It’s not that bad, I’ve done it before and you’re just being extra”?

I’ve heard that a lot, a whole lot…

And there’s probably some things people have told you about yourself that made you question/doubt yourself or you've felt like no one understood you.

Well, let me be the first to tell you it’s okay. I’ve been right there with you.

Recently, I went to the doctor...actually, I went and got my first mammogram. Yes, I know I’m noooo where near 40. I’m just kidding. It’s only 3 years away; however, I felt a lump. I actually felt several and instead of putting it off as if it were going to disappear like the Harry Potter Invisible Cloak, I made the appointment and took action.

I must admit the experience was quite pleasant. The woman was so nice...I mean she did just break my #MammogramVirginity, but we had great conversation as she pulled my body here, lifted this part of my body there, and instructed me when to inhale, exhale, all while I was trying not to poot. I just think that’s the most embarrassing thing...pooting in front of the doctor while they’re examining you. I mean, I know they’ve seen and smelt worse, but the thought still goes through my mind. #DontJudgeMe

After praying, asking my momma to pray, and asking my whole Soteria Ministry Sisters to pray as well, I knew my breast was cancer free. I just knew it. My faith did not waiver, but I was surprised when the doctor did say I had Fibrotic Cysts.

What the heck is that? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Fibrocystic breasts are very common in over 50% of women ages 20-50. They’re noncancerous changes likely due to hormonal changes and affect the breast tissue. You can read more about it here from Dr. Bhargava: