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Mommy Where is Jesus? Is He Hiding in My Bedroom? is sure to be a childhood's classic. It's a tale of an inquisitive little girl named Morgan who has a big heart and a vivid imagination. Not only does she love pancakes and Sunday mornings, she loves singing and learning about the courageous stories in the Bible as well. One Sunday afternoon Morgan learned something new at church and now she's seeking answers to her burning questions about life. For starters, where is Jesus? She searches high and low. Will she find him at Sunday school? Is He at the park, or under her bed? Wherever He may be this story inspires children to love the Gospel and know exactly where they can find Jesus at all times. Purchase your very own copy here

No Longer Am I A Baby Mama: Getting Rid of the Baby Mama Mentality is filled with journal entries, 31 daily positive affirmations, and eye openers like DeLisa's amazing way of making the song, "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu relatable to the message of Christ is so thought provoking and sure to prompt a transforming of your mind. No Longer Am I a Baby Mama is a practical, yet deeply personal book that will help mothers across the globe become the best women and mothers they could possibly be. This step by step guide gives you the tools to set your mind free and be free in Christ, but you have to do your work! It's never too late, and there is no darkness too dark for hope to find its way back in.​ Purchase your very own copy here.

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They claim high school is supposed to be one of the best times in your life. You know having fun, homecoming dances, making good grades, catching up on the latest gossip, finding your BFF for life, and most importantly preparing for the next stage of life...adulthood. However, as the young ladies in this book would discover, high school would present challenges beyond their wildest imagination. To finish, it would require letting go of the drama, losing some friends along the way and how does one stay determined and focused to succeed. Read their stories to find out how they overcame these obstacles and how these experiences shaped the rest of their lives. These stories will inspire you to get through what you are going through. Remember you are not alone...and after all, it’s JUST high school. Purchase your very own copy here.
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