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Choice Words: A Couple's Journal Toward Better Communication

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, especially marriage. And who knows this better than you? The enemy. his desire is to sift your marriage as wheat, to kill it, steal it away from the hands of God, and destroy any possible future of prosperity. And he uses the lack of communication to do so. This journal was created for the couple who wants to have a happy marriage, but soemtimes storms come that will prevent you two from communicating. You're trying to convey your thoughts, but they come out hurtful and your spouse just can't receive it.


This journal allows you to write down your words, thoughts, and emotions and gives your spouse a chance to read it, process it all, and write how they feel in return. Sometimes you just can't talk to one another in the moment, but that doesn't mean your words should be silenced. Use this journal to convey all the things you can't say without the tone, attitude, and frustration. You'll quickly be on your way to communicating with each other better and understanding each other more.


Only 1 journal needed per couple.

Choice Words: A Couple's Journal Toward Better Communication

  • No returns or exchanges. Sold as is. 

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