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The World Needs Us!

Yesterday, my 12 year-old daughter came home from a field trip and spoke about this amazing time she experienced volunteering. She was so happy with what her team accomplished and together they were able to pack enough boxes for a few families to eat for a YEAR! Her eyes were amazed with excitement as she talked about the people she met, the information she received, but most importantly the families she helped. I was so inspired by her experience, it made me want to "get my butt up" and volunteer.

But then I got to thinking when do I have time???⏰ I'm not the only one that thinks this either. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015 over 74% of the US population DID NOT volunteer. That's a huge Wives it's time to get our mind right and we're going to first start by transforming the way we think. If we don't change the world, then who?🤗

Here's a daily affirmation to help transform your mind and I implore us to volunteer & impact the world together.🤝

I am a world changer

I am a community builder I am alive I am efficient and diligent with my time I am needed I am valuable I am different I am the problem solver I am the solution to the problem I am a seed sower I am a purpose filled woman I am a Proverbs 31 Wife I am a servant I am a giver I am able

I get it...we have so much on our plate right now with our husband, kids, businesses, family, friends, and just life can all be exhausting at times. See I give to food and clothing drives, and donate money, but that reward that my daughter had on her face when she came home from school...priceless. See, I want that feeling. I don't get that feeling when I drop my clothes in the Goodwill box for some coupons, or when I give food to a church/school drive. I mean it's okay...I get it, but I want that feeling!

Ladies, I challenge you to get out there and volunteer if you're not already doing it. If you currently volunteer, have an organization, or know of one, please post/tag and comment below. This could be a great way for someone who may need help in just getting started.😘

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