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What did I do? vs. What CAN I do?

You keep asking why do I have too? Why do I have to understand, apologize, clean up? I didn't do anything. I wasn't out there looting or shooting. I didn't even vote for Trump.

Jesus didn't either.

Jesus wasn't crucified because he was a sinner.

Jesus didn't come to Earth to save us all because he too was lost.

Jesus didn't heal the people because he was sick.


That's why He was chosen. He wasn't racist. He didn't kill anyone. He wasn't a gossiper. He wasn't a sinner. That's why the people were hurting and felt bad after they crucified him because he was indeed...blameless. But they didn't even realize this till after the fact.

And right now, you too probably didn't realize the severity of our nation's pain until after the fact.

After the killings.

After the centuries of injustice.

After never, never ever, never never ever receiving reparations.

After the burning and looting, now do you realize that it is "this bad"?

You feel that? That pain right there is the truth...our country's truth!

It's okay. I forgive you, just like Jesus did. I never could quite understand why he hung on that cross begging the Heavenly Father to forgive them for they know not what they do until now. There were times I can recall saying and even feeling like, "No Jesus, this is the time to get them. They're crucifying you and you did nothing wrong! Get down off that cross."

How ignorant of me...

With all the might power Jesus had, he stayed up there and watched them spit at him, beat him, and crucify him while doing absolutely nothing. The pain He must've felt, watching it all go down right before his eyes, but doing nothing because He understood the cost, the price that needed to be paid to save us ALL.

Now I get it. Thank you for your healing...

Jesus didn't want any harm to come to His people even though they were doing something wrong. Why? Because they were His people!! He knew and understood their "WHY". They were acting out of rage, disbelief, and frustration of being broken and hurt for so long. One side of town feeling less than while the other side feels superior. One side feeling welcomed while the other side feels unworthy. One group of people being beat and enslaved while the other group gets wealthy and eat like kings. He knew that He was breaking years of generational brokenness and bondage for God's people...for ALL.

So I implore you to ask yourself those questions again with the same spirit of forgiveness Jesus had while he was hanging like a piece of fruit on a tree, like so many of our ancestors have----black, white, Jew, Italian, and the list of races, cultures, religions, and ethnicity goes on...

It's time to forgive.

It's time to love.

It's time to heal.

Let's do our part and help heal our land, one community at a time.



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