"If you're not for the cause, then I'm putting my dollars on PAUSE!"

Illustration by DeLisa New Williams

I woke up and saw this message from FashionNova and felt like they're really apart of the change. Seeing this gave me hope because they're willing to use their platform and influence to actually do something! An online store that has MY BLACK BACK!

So yes, you'll get my dollars. You'll get a chunk of the $1.2 trillion dollar buying power African Americans have. Yes, black people according to my latest issue of Essence has a buying power of $1.2 trillion and by next year is projected to account for 8.8% of the country's total buying power!

And trust me...I love to shop, I love to window shop, I love to online browse, I love to put stuff in my cart and just know it's there even if I don't buy it. i love a good sale and a better clearance. Trust me, I live for it all!

But I must take a stand! No....WE ALL have to take a stand and stop spending our money with businesses that are not for the movement. We have to stop supporting businesses that do not care about us, just our dollars!

It's time we put an end to the generational cycle of supporting people and businesses that don't care about US. We've been hoodwinked for too long by the glitter and gold of looking good which only leads OUR people to end up looking casket sharp!

I said what I said!

People listen!! We have to be smart about this and if a business doesn't support the commonwealth of Black Lives Matter then why are we supporting their stores?

Stop sending me emails and texts about buying your clothes or your product!

Not another nothing, unless you're about this change and actually proactive about doing the work to get us closer to JUSTICE!