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"If you're not for the cause, then I'm putting my dollars on PAUSE!"

Illustration by DeLisa New Williams

I woke up and saw this message from FashionNova and felt like they're really apart of the change. Seeing this gave me hope because they're willing to use their platform and influence to actually do something! An online store that has MY BLACK BACK!

So yes, you'll get my dollars. You'll get a chunk of the $1.2 trillion dollar buying power African Americans have. Yes, black people according to my latest issue of Essence has a buying power of $1.2 trillion and by next year is projected to account for 8.8% of the country's total buying power!

And trust me...I love to shop, I love to window shop, I love to online browse, I love to put stuff in my cart and just know it's there even if I don't buy it. i love a good sale and a better clearance. Trust me, I live for it all!

But I must take a stand! No....WE ALL have to take a stand and stop spending our money with businesses that are not for the movement. We have to stop supporting businesses that do not care about us, just our dollars!

It's time we put an end to the generational cycle of supporting people and businesses that don't care about US. We've been hoodwinked for too long by the glitter and gold of looking good which only leads OUR people to end up looking casket sharp!

I said what I said!

People listen!! We have to be smart about this and if a business doesn't support the commonwealth of Black Lives Matter then why are we supporting their stores?

Stop sending me emails and texts about buying your clothes or your product!

Not another nothing, unless you're about this change and actually proactive about doing the work to get us closer to JUSTICE!

Yes, stores and businesses, schools, and community organizations we're counting on YOU! My daughter's high school teacher sent a message out personally to all her students showing solidarity and support in fighting this injustice. My heart was moved. ❤ Sending that email showed her support that we are all in this together. Oh and she's a white woman who absolutely adores my black daughter. #AllColorsUnite

Museums, hardware stores, auto stores...if I don't get an email or postcard attached to my oil change coupon from my own car company whom I love, I'm not spending my dollars!! Yes, you too have a responsibility to use your dollars for change! To use your platform and voice for change! To show you're with us and not just here to hire us or use our face for your commercials to get more of our buying power! Nope. We're NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE!

Stop being scared of losing money or losing business because you're taking a stand for what's right. Any fear that's laying dormant in any corporate office has got to go! In Jesus name, Amen. All CEOs, CFOs, owners, and managers need their hearts pricked and burdened right now so they too can feel this injustice and be apart of change. Send an email prayer, word of encouragement or hope, donate money to the cause, help rebuild our communities where you're at. DO SOMETHING!!!

Supporting us looks like commercials with BLACK LIVES MATTER messages, you'll spend more money on Super Bowl commercials than a cause to help bring forth effective change! Signs when I walk through the door that says, "Black Lives Matter". Talking about it to me in a conversation instead of ignoring the issue waiting for me to bring it up first! No, you go first, YOU!

You better do something and you better do something quick because the scales are coming off our eyes and we SEE YOU! 👀

Lord, take every scale off of our eyes so we can see our power supernaturally as well as physically. Empower us as a people so we will be faithful to your plan of change and how to achieve it. You've shown us that when the economy is affected, THEN things begin to shift. So I pray for a mighty shift in the economy to happen right now! Shift every business, every company, and organization right now to line up with righteousness. It doesn't matter if they believe in you or not, your mighty power supersedes any doubt and disbelief. Enlighten every one of us with the truth. Lord, guide and lead us so we can stand as a people, together in this fight as we burden the economy with our prayers and withholding our dollars. I pray for a monetary spiritual fast to hit this land like never before. Yes, God a monetary spiritual fast! Show us that you've given us the power to be our own stimulus. When Esther fasted for three days, God you saved her people! But it wasn't just her, when Esther and her people fasted for three days, you saved her people. Lord, show us our power in numbers. Lord, help us push our plate and close our wallets. Let the truth ignite a fire in us to spiritually fast monetarily. I bind up doubt in any unbeliever right now. I bind it up, In Jesus name! There is no doubt with you God. You make all things possible. You saved Esther's people and I know you will save mine. Do it God for your glory. Shut the economy down in Jesus name! Amen.

Because ALL lives can't and won't ever MATTER, until BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!


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