"I wish Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was still alive today" cried my 6-year old.

It came out of nowhere, but I felt her...

I told her his spirit lives today, but it needs to be awakened and resurrected.

Illustration by James E. Ransome

Wake up Leaders!!!

Wake up Pastors!!!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was out there with the people, organizing the peaceful protests cause he had POWER!! Jesus was also out there with the people too! He wasn't hiding behind a text, a tweet, or a post! RISE UP and be the leader that God called you to be! Start the next “I Have a Dream 2.0”. You’re welcome, I gave that to you for FREE!

No, I am not in agreement with any looting or violence of any kind; HOWEVER, God has a strategy and plan for all of this. Sometimes passion will do that. Ask Moses about passion when he killed that Egyptian he saw beating his own people. It was that same passion and fire inside that God saw and chose him to be the leader and voice to save God’s people!

We’ve turned the other cheek...we only got two face cheeks and two butt cheeks and all of them have been turned, whipped, beaten, raped, enslaved, and murdered. WE HAVE NO MORE CHEEKS!!!

I bind up the fear and doubt that's lying inside of you! I pray for a hedge of protection and covering over you! I pray angels surround you as you walk forth in justice bringing all darkness to light. I pray for the move of God to be in you NOW! Like fire shut up in your bones! You will not die! You will not die, but you shall live and set the people free!

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