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Snatching the covers off of it ALL... #AmericaWakeUp

I woke up very grieved.

I haven't been to sleep for hours and I can't sleep. There are ambulances and sirens going off all throughout my neighborhood.


My husband left for work this and immediately I became concerned for him because he's a paramedic and he's out there in all of this. He called to tell me all the stores and businesses that were destroyed in our community on his way to work. We both kept saying, "They tore up the Save Alot", "They tore up the Dunkin Donuts", "They this and they that"...

I hung up from him and just cried because God hit me with the truth. It's not a "They" thing! WE tore up the Macy's, WE tore up the Walgreen's, WE DID THIS!

When will we start taking the social and racial responsibility that we've played in all of this?

I'm talking black, white, and everybody!

When WE thought moving away to the suburbs or another state for safety was going to solve our problems. When WE thought looking down on the uneducated and lost made us better. WE did this to our own stores. It's not they, it's all of us! The news and the world ain't saying, "Oh DeLisa and Amielio didn't loot any stores so I'm not talking about them". No, the news and the world is saying, "Chicago tore up their city, black people tore up their city". I am black. I am from Chicago and I live HERE! These are God's people and I am God's servant.

God is going to put it in your face, right in your own backyard, so you can be burdened. So your heart can break too! Because out of sight, out of mind! When we don't see the problem and we move away or disconnect ourselves, we think that it went away. Nope it just grew and intensified right before your eyes. Now you shocked!? Walmart needs to be burdened. Macy's, Walgreen's, CVS, every store needs to be burdened with the injustice of our people and stop just taking our dollars and moving right along with life.

Burden the economy.

Burden every officer.

Burden the government now, God!

Intense burden to hit their hearts right now!

I pray that we all take responsibility NOW! Own it! I pray that every time we talk about a store being burned down, we pray for every person that did it. God prick our hearts right now to feel the burden like you do! Nobody or no race is exempt! I pray that every time we decide to separate us from them, we get convicted and our Holy Spirit checks us quickly. I pray Lord we learn how your Kingdom works and know that no angel can move, no mental illness can be lifted, no change in the world SHALL happen until WE PRAY! That we change internally, that we change our hearts. I pray for a spiritual heart transplant right now in the name of Jesus to enter us and it beats at the command of you Lord. Not on our command, but yours Lord. That we have a heart after you and desire the things of you!

I pray God you raise up a white officer right now to take a stand for justice and speak out nationally to his race and others boldly addressing this issue and telling other white people to walk in love. Admit this ain't right and show what he's doing to help. Reveal and expose every racist demon you know. Yes, it's going to take that! It's going to take a Jew to talk to a Samaritan to have a well experience. Why? Because Jesus wanted to let her know that Samaritan LIVES MATTER too! It's going to take a white person to be bold during times like this. White officers to say sorry and bridge this racial inequality in love. Lord, I pray you prick every white persons heart right now and show them our pain and that your people need help right now. They have to also take responsibility for their races actions even if they didn't do the actual shootings! Periodt!

It's time for you to RISE up and take a stand! If you're white, call every black person you know right now and say sorry! Say I'm sorry for what's happening to you right now and what do you need from me. What can I do to help right now? Say it! You have a responsibility and role in this too! I'm praying for Gideon's Army of 300 to rise up and fight this demon of injustice, inequality, hatred, and racial divide.

These are my people and I will not separate myself and choose which parts I want to accept. I feel our pain. I'm burdened by it ALL!!! No, it doesn't make sense to tear up the community in which you live in or any other for that matter. It doesn't, but WE have NEVER felt like we had a community to begin with!!! The businesses in our community don't respect us. The corner store owners, the gas station, the Dunkin' Donuts, nail salons, these businesses in our communities don't stand up for us! You ever seen the nail salon give free manicures to kids for back to school, pass out book bags, be in the community instead of just making a dollar?

We don't have police officers in our community just driving by to say Hi!! They don't speak to us! Ain't no dang on Officer Friendly no more! They feel threatened, we feel threatened, everybody is hurting and needs healing!

So we didn't destroy our communities, we're telling you it's time to rebuild!

Image from Chicago Sun-Times


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