Now, this is what should happen when we open our mouths...

#TestimonyTalks Y'all know I love a good testimony!

This past Sunday at church, my pastor preached on insecurities. The anointing on that message was powerful and absolutely yoke-breaking. Here's the snapped Pastor Sam ----->

While he was preaching, I sat there dissecting every insecurity I could think of known to man concerning myself.

"DeLisa, you doubt yourself."

"DeLisa, be have trust issues with God."

"DeLisa, you worry about what others think."

And I have to be honest, it was hard. It was just a little too much truth coming my way, but I had to sit in it. Nobody ever, ever, ever, ever wants to admit they have some insecurities. Now we might say we have some very nonchalantly, but we're not trying to call them out by name. It's easy to just say, "Yeah, I have some insecurities.", but it's a little more difficult to say, "I suffer from people-pleasing, or I doubt God more times than I would like to admit."

So right there during service, I laid it all out before Him at His feet. Once the Holy Spirit brought it up, it was time for it to come out! Here it is, Father, my alabaster box filled with the things I've kept and held on to because I believed they kept me safe. At times, I can see how comforting it was and easier to doubt and take matters into my own hands than wait on the Lord and trust His Word.

See, I told you...the truth hurts, but it also heals.

After service, the Lord clearly heard my heart and wouldn't let me leave the church without receiving His comfort from the Comforter Himself. As I was fellowshipping and loving my Anthem Family, a kind lady walked up to me and said my message on "Unforgiveness" at the Soteria Workshop last month blessed her. She shared her story with me and how coming to the workshop was just what she needed in her life. I smiled, gave her a hug, and praised God with her for her testimony, which I can be honest and admit that it totally blew my mind.

See this woman that walked up to me; I saw her at the conference. I couldn't help but see her because she was seated smack dab front and center. She's kind and beautifully spirited, so you can imagine I was so excited to see her at the workshop. While speaking, I would scan the room and often see her face, but it didn't look like she was feeling anything I was saying. No, I'm serious. Whenever I said something funny, it looked like she didn't get it. When I hit some good know them, "Holy Spirit smack you with the "truf" moments," she was sitting there just looking. Even after the workshop was said and done every now and again, the enemy would put this image of her in my head, and I could just see her with this look on her face thinking, "Girl, go sit your butt down somewhere...".

After we hugged and she walked away, I kind of chuckled to myself because God knew just what I needed to hear to overcome these insecurities that keep rising up on the inside.

A testimony.