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Wives have POWER Part 2

I’ve said this time and time again...WIVES, we have the POWER!

Since the season finale of Power, my husband and I went back and started watch Season 1 all over again. You’ll be amazed the things you miss when you go back and

watch it all over again. Plus, I’m over here patiently waiting for my favorite fall shows - Empire, This is Us, Star, and Walking Dead just to name a few… However, after watching the first episode and knowing what I know now...Mrs. Tasha St. Patrick you only had 1 job, ONE job and all this Angela Valdez ish could’ve been shut down 5 seasons ago!!

Remember when Angie walked into the nightclub and Ghost rushed down those stairs to find her...Mrs. St. Patrick was watching. When Ghost and Angie giggled while shooting the breeze and locking eyes with one another...Mrs. St. Patrick was watching. Even when Ghost pulled his phone out to add Angie’s number to his very important contact list...the wife Mrs. St. Patrick was watching. Which leads me back to my statement, Tasha you had one job! Now don’t get me wrong for entertainment purposes, that couldn’t have happened because this jaw dropping storyline would be non existent from the beginning.

But think about it ladies, how many times have God tried to warn us about something and we just kept it moving? Be honest! I can say that I’ve seen some things with my husband and children, but I overlooked it. Recently God has been really working on me with this. Instead of seeing things in my husband and/or kids and just acknowledging it, I need to identify it and pray against it. When God shows you something Wife, you better pay attention to it because it may just cost you everything!

For example, if Tasha would’ve walked up to Angela and Ghost to introduce herself, and showed her who the hell Mrs. James St. Patrick really is before the conversations on the phone or lunch dates between them two would ever take place. Mrs. St. Patrick would’ve shut all that ish down! So same goes here’s for you, what do you need to shut down? It doesn’t have to be a mistress, but if it is...shut it down! Whatever you’ve been turning a blind eye too in regards to your husband and your marriage, then shut it down. If it’s gambling, abuse, lack of sex, any addiction, etc., Wives when we see it, we need to address it and shut it down. Of course we have more than one job, but in this instance Wives we have one job and that’s to shut down any devil trying to destroy our families. Not. Going. To. Happen.

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