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Wives that have POWER build EMPIRES!

Wives that have POWER build EMPIRES...

After watching the season finale of Power for the 3rd time...#dontjudgeme, I paid more attention to Tasha than I ever have before. Yes, Tasha St.Patrick. Oh, I forgot...Mrs. Tasha St.Patrick. The wife, the one that's the strength, the mastermind, and fighter behind everything going on with this family. Aside from the illegal activity (cause ya’ girl too boogee for jail...I'll fight, but oh no to jail!), it's a lot we can learn from Mrs. St.Patrick.

As a wife, YOU hold the family down - whether wrong or right and if it's wrong, it's our job to make it right. If your children are going haywire because of your lack of disciplining them as little kids, it's not too late for them to get in line today, you just have to fight a little harder than most, but you still NEED to fight. Yeah, you may have not made the best decisions in raising them, I mean you did the best you could, but once you know better it's definitely time to do better and SAVE your family. If your husband isn't walking in purpose, doesn’t want to come home or stay out all night, it's time to put your thinking cap on and figure out the things YOU need to do so GOD can do what He needs to do with your husband. You gotta figure out a way to save your marriage.

Wives, we're women, we give birth and we birth life. We determine the outcome of our family. Yes, our husbands are the head but our prayers, sacrifices, brains, and let's not forget our beauty - it's these divine gifts we've received from our heavenly Father that makes miraculous things happen. Miracles, signs, and wonders. Ester's beauty and faith is what saved her people. They were getting ready to die, never to be existed...kind of like how your family can seem at times. Like, you all just will not make it. You feel like your kids are out of control, hard headed, and acting like they ain't got no damn sense at all...seems like a dead end, right? Well, same thing for Ester - it felt like a dead end for her, but that didn't stop her. She fasted, prayed, and asked her people to do the same because she knew it was going to take a village to get the King to agree to not having her people killed. She did what she had to do...she FOUGHT! Ester fought, Cookie Lyons fought, Tasha St. Patrick fought, and now the Mrs. in you will FIGHT!

You're a wife so you got extra super powers that no one else possesses! Tasha chose to fight in the capacity she knows how because she signed up for that life. She signed up for the drugs, thugs, and illegal life so at some point there is a price to pay, but she didn’t give up and she's not running away either. And neither should you because YOU too signed up for this. You signed up for the husband, you signed up for the kids, you signed up for it all, so don't give up and stay your tail right there, but fight. Get your village together and fight. Be smart and savvy with it, but fight. After all, YOU are the WIFE and YOU do have the POWER!

When wives have power they build empires When wives lose power they destroy empires

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